Saturday, March 9, 2013

My Ombre Hair

Guess who ombred their hair? That's right, this girl. You might be asking, "Why, Lindsey, what made you come to this decision to ombre your hair?" Well, you see, I have wanted to do this to my hair ever since the summer, but my parents shut me down and told me that I shouldn't damage my hair. I have never dyed or done anything to my hair. It is naturally blond and for the longest time I wanted to keep it that way. But I started to think and realized that my hair has been this one color blond ever since I was little. Also, my birthday is this coming Tuesday and I wanted to give myself a little birthday treat. Plus, I was in dire need of a change. I thought that ombreing my hair would be a good way to spice up my hair and give it more definition. I didn't want to dye the top of my hair brown or put different colors to the ends of my hair. I just wanted to go a little blonder towards the tips and that's exactly what my hair stylist did. I'm absolutely in love with my hair and I feel that it's something different than what I'm used to...but a good different. Since I've got this done, I want to should you guys a few ways I style my now, ombre hair!
Classic Braid
 Fishtail Braid

--Lindsey xx


  1. Love how it looks curled! Beautiful!

  2. your hair looks fab! Be perfect for summer time :) xxx

  3. Oooh I love it, you look so gorgeous

  4. Really beautiful! I love it!

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