Thursday, August 23, 2012

Haul : Express Clothing Bits & Bobs

     So I took a trip with my mom to the mall. This was the first time I drove on the scared the crap out of me, but I got use to it pretty quick. While there, I strolled into Express on a mission to find some needed shorts and jeans. As you can tell buy these 3 items, they are neither. I was slightly disappointed. All my shorts and jeans are from Freshman year and I'm about to be a senior...that's scary -- still the same size. Express was fresh out of shorts, which didn't float my boat. They did have jeans, loads to be correct, but the ones I tried on didn't fit right. I decided while I was there, I should get things that have been on my wishlist for quite some time. The first -- a chunky sweater. I got it in a size medium so it could cover my bum. I think this Fall/Winter my closet will be filled with sweaters like this one. If any of you know where to find ones like the one I bought, let me know please ^_^. Second, I have been wanting jean leggings - like the second picture above. They are sosososososo comfortable, it's unbelievable. I will be wearing them lots this winter, I should have bought two pairs. The last thing I purchased were regular opaque black leggings to wear with long shirts, that again, will cover my bum bum. I checked Express' website this morning and saw tons of jean leggings that looked exactly like jeans. The website said they were in the store. I guess they were stashed somewhere where I couldn't find them.
     After coming home from my adventure, I came to the realization that I had bought all fall pieces of clothing, what a shame. I really need shorts, dresses, and tops for back to school. I have been browsing the Forever21 website. The one in my mall has like nothing, so online shopping is the way to go. To be honest, I've never purchased anything from Forever21 before because I always thought their clothes were cheap quality, but recently I have been loving them. I am also looking on ASOS and Urban Outfitters. I am purchasing my school bag from UO and I'm really excited about getting it in the mail! Anyway, that is all for today's post. I'm looking in to buying the Stila eyeshadow pallete (in the light) it worth the $39?

Hope you're all having a lovely day!!

--Lindsey xx

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  1. these are gorgeous, also, your hair in your last post is lovely and you're so pretty.
    i really hope we can speak soon because you have a great blog and you seem so lovely!
    i hope to hear from you,
    laura xx